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Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis and Mind Techniques.

This course takes place over ten weekends and incorporates the Gold Standard National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) HPD qualification and the core curriculum of the NGH plus other therapeutic techniques. It covers all the usual hypnotherapy techniques you would expect to find but many many extras making it great value for money. It introduces many new modern techniques that normally you would need to spend a small fortune on to find out if you liked it or not. Our course gives you the opportunity to have a flavour of CBT and Mindfulness as well as teaching you EFT. We only teach you what works in the therapy room. No time is wasted on old out of date theories.

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Training dates for 2021 are:

Course Dates 2021

January (9,10)
February (13,14)
March (13,14)
April (10,11)
May (8,9)
June (12,13)
July (10,11)
August (14,15)
September (11,12)
October (9,10)

Due to current Coronavirus Restrictions Our training is likely to begin online over Zoom until we can continue with our face to face classroom training.