Therapy Session Information

Looking for help?

Not sure what you need? That’s ok, allow us to use our expertise to tailor the therapy session to you and your needs.  Most of the therapies we offer can overlap and help with the same types of problems but sometimes a person is more suited to a certain therapy technique over another. We carry out an assessment process in our first session to find out what approach is likely to suit you better. We often use a variety of different approaches with our clients in any session, to deal with whatever problems they bring to therapy. Being qualified in all these different approaches means that we can help clients by using the most appropriate therapy for them.

Here is a brief outline of what each therapy can help with:

Active listening Session – Sometimes we just need another human being to listen to us without necessarily trying to sort out problems. Lets face it not all problems can be solved but it can help to be able to run things past another neutral person. This is often a part of every session that we do but it can also be a standalone session. It’s designed to be an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling. This can be a one off session if you need it to be or can be directed more towards the beginning of therapy. 

Hypnotherapy – If you feel that something is out of your control or beyond willpower, then it’s probably because your unconscious or subconscious mind is controlling it. 

This is most noticeable with problems such as anxiety, OCD, past issues, problematic thoughts, habits, sleeping problems addictions and pain. These are only a few examples of the type of problems that can be suited to Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy with CBT – This approach is best suited to changing  problemtatic thinking styles such as the negative thinking that can lead to anxiety and depressions. CBT can also be used to teach strategies that lead towards better outcomes.

Energy Psychology – This covers a few different approaches which are based on shifting energy blockages which can result from trauma. We can use these techniques to work with almost any problem be it Emotional, Mental or Physical. It tends to work quickly and can be taught to our client to use it at the actual time when a problem is happening.

Mindfullness with Hypnotherapy – Mindfulness is a form of meditation which can help people to become more resilient and to respond differently. It’s very beneficial for stress relief as well as coping with pain. Mindfulness can help people to cope better in difficult situations and trains the mind to be able to accept things that cannot be changed.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – NLP is a collection of different techniques that aim to help a person to change their thoughts and behaviours. It can be used to overcome a variety of problems such as fears and phobias and help with motivation. NLP looks at the ways in which we filter what we see, hear and feel and how we communicate.

Eye Movement Integration (EMIT) – This approach is similar to EMDR. It is used for dealing with the psychological consequences of traumatic memories. A simple yet very effective technique, it can be be used for problems such as PTSD. 

Neural Repatterning(NR) This is a series of techniques that are used to change the ways in which you respond in various situations. It can work a wide variety of issues such as phobias,  trauma, eating habits and motivation.

We can provide you with all of the above services. You don’t need to know what therapy to ask for, we can combine a number of techniques to help you achieve what you want.