Client Testimonials

We have hundreds of testimonials from clients and students from our many years of service to our community. However out of respect and for reasons of confidentiality, we only ever use the testimonials of clients who are happy to be mentioned on our website.

All testimonials are genuine and accurate and from people who are not friends or family but clients and students who have found our services to be helpful in their lives. We hope you will find these reassuring.

Annette Chapman (Edinburgh) Lead singer of The RR Blues Band

Annette said “I’ve been overweight for most of my life and although I’d lose weight, once I stopped dieting, it all piled back on. I convinced myself I was just big, but I was comfort and binge-eating. I went to see hypnotherapist, Rae Jenson. She asked what I wanted and i said to stop eating and feeling guilty.
The hypnotherapy was relaxing. I’d listen to Rae talking and sometimes there would be soothing music playing. I quickly started to lose weight and I’ve gone from a size 26 to 20 and lost 2 stone since last September just eating normally and exercising.”

Article was published in Womans Weekly magazine

Annette Scott (Falkirk)

“I have progressive MS and for about 5 years have had very painful spasms in my right thigh. In order to cope with the pain, I draw my right knee up and stand on my left leg. This used to happen every few steps and it would be triggered by someone holding a door open; an actual doorway; a long and daunting path; getting out of the car; facing a challenge like steps; people waiting for me or a verbal prediction of anything problematic like high winds, rain, no parking space etc.

My GP suggested that Rae of “Hypnotherapy Scotland” may be able to help me.
I was very apprehensive about being hypnotised but I went to visit Rae nevertheless. The clinic is set in peaceful surroundings and there is an atmosphere of calm. Rae is a delightful lady who allays your fears and puts you at ease immediately. I was put into a light trance, which is comparable with the point at which you are about to fall asleep. Apart from being therapeutic, the experience is enjoyable.

After just a few treatments, I can now walk down long stretches of path. A typical example is crossing a car park, continuing along an approach to a building, through doors – sometimes including steps – and into the building. Because of this experience, I have gained confidence in ‘stepping out’ and walking more quickly.
Hypnotherapy has helped me overcome a real fear and significantly improved my quality of life. Rae is caring and compassionate and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Marie C (Falkirk)

Dear Rae,
It’s been quite a few weeks since I concluded my therapy with yourself and I wanted to give you an update on how things have been progressing in my little world.
In the main, i’ve been continuing to feel so much better. I’m back cycling regularly and even today completed 30 miles before lunch! I have been feeling far more positive about my abilities also helped by my probation contract with ********** being ended two months early…so I’m now permanent!!.
That was a really surprising conversation with my manager and made me feel like I could achieve what I set out to do. I was told my skills and abilities are far reaching to a CEM or GM post in the future! Wow! and that the changes I had been making and way I get things done was just what they had been looking for….I’m not really career minded to that extent…but it was really lovely to hear what they thought of my abilities…..and I have to say…I came out walking on air thinking…yes!!!
Work is still challenging but my endeavours to make significant changes within Scotland have been echoed further South and the executive are pretty happy that we’ve adopted the new approach for managing our frontline teams.
I have been focusing on ‘not panicking’ and apart from a few frustrations and niggles that are about on a daily basis, I havent felt a wobble or a need to re-visit what we discussed. I feel challenged every day and I’m understanding so much more. I still think that the corporate way of things is a difficult beast to master…but i’m trying!
I’m also looking to train as an Aromatherapist, which I’ve had a keen interest in for many years.
So to that end…I want to thank you again for your understanding, advice and support.
I wish you well and if I need to seek you out again…i definitely shall.
Best wishes
Marie 🙂

Grado (Tap of Stevenston)

The ICW World Champion Wrestler Grado, known for his phrase “it’s yersel” and his TV appearances in Insane Fight Club, River City and Scot Squad, wanted to tackle his weight problem. He brought his Director and Camera man along from the BBC with him when he attended his session.
As you will see, he was quite a challenging client for us to deal with.
He only had time for one session of Hypnotherapy so it was a bit of a big ask!

Helen Mc (Falkirk)

After gaining 3.5 stone while carrying my daughter, then putting on almost 4 stone and going up 4 dress sizes, 3 years later after trying diets and exercise plans that fit into my busy schedule as a full-time working mum, all my attempts had failed. I was left feeling tired and deflated, my confidence was at an all time low. The way i felt about my body image was starting to effect all aspects of my life, i was in a love hate relationship with my food and feared that i was at risk of developing an eating disorder.
I heard of a hypnotic gastric band and thought that this would work for me as hypnosis had worked for me in the past. Although it made a difference, I realised that this approach wasn’t enough on it’s own to work for me personally, as I had some very deep issues with self esteem that were causing me to eat. I’m so glad that Rae had the skills to recognise this and was able to help me examine the real causes of why I was overeating.
Although I have not been in therapy for many sessions and have not lost much weight yet, the confidence I have gained and the way I feel about myself is a complete turnaround. Therapy has enabled me to look at some of the more complex reasons as to why I choose to eat the way I do and address issues I did not realise were even there. The goals I once thought as unachievable now are within my grasp. I am now confident that I can and will achieve my healthy life style long term goal. For the time being I am simply happy just being me for all that I am.
I can’t express in words how Rae and her expertise as a therapist helped me be all I can be.
Helen xxx

Lynsey Porter (Falkirk)

My first experience of hypnosis was back in 2008 when I contacted Rae about having a consultation to see if hypnosis could work for me.
Back then I used to suffer from spells of low self esteem that had been created after years of being bullied by a male class mate at high school. Certain situations would trigger off a ‘feeling down’ week and would make me question my long term boyfriend about why he was with me. I knew this couldn’t continue and made the decision to try something new.
Rae immediately made me feel relaxed, a new situation often makes me nervous but I was fine, we had 3-4 sessions and I loved the hypnosis process, it’s so calming. I can honestly say that after those sessions I’ve never worried about what that schoolboy said to me and my relationship with my husband has never been better.
Then in 2014 I was asked to attend a work event and speak in front of several thousand guests, the thought terrified me! So I decided to go back to see Rae again and have a couple of hypnosis sessions to deal with the nerves and the vision I had in my head that I was going to mess up! It worked a treat, she gave me some ideas to help me focus and how to create a better vision of my speech.
I stood backstage terrified, I then climbed the stairs and my mindset changed, I walked out and spoke passionately about my topic not even using any of my written speech!! My confidence meant I spoke from the heart! I got a fab response from the guests and wouldn’t worry about doing it again!!
Next on my list is revisiting Rae to try and calm my nerves when flying!!

Training Reviews

Lizzie McGeechan, (NHS Manager) November 2015

Hi Rae and John,
I just wanted to put in writing my sincere thanks for all the help and support you have both provided during my hypnotherapy training journey
I approached Hypnosis Scotland on recommendation of a work colleague. She had undertaken the course with yourselves a couple of years ago and informed me how helpful and supportive you were. As I had not studied for a while and I am a mature student, I was anxious that the studying and learning involved maybe too much to undertake but my fears were completely unfounded. The teaching style adopted by yourselves is open, honest and with like minded people who all had the same goal in mind which is to help others. The result of this is I have gained a valuable life experience that hopefully I will turn into a successful business. If that does not happen then, I have had a amazing journey, and met some very interesting people which I now feel privileged to know.
I would recommend this course with Hypnosis Scotland to anyone. It is delivered by knowledgeable and supportive trainers who understand each individual student and their needs. They are knowledgeable on their subject and pass that knowledge onto their students with ease and professionalism. So if like me you need a challenge, a change of direction or simply want to find out more about yourself and what your capable of, then give it a go.It certainly worked for me.
Wishing you both every success in the future
Kind regards

Dr Fiona McLeod (Helensburgh) (Retired GP)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for the HPD with Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training. John and Rae are busy, experienced therapists who actually walk the walk‚ as well as talk the talk and their skill in hypnotherapy was evident in their teaching.
An element of training I hadn’t taken into consideration was the other students.
A class comprising of people from wide and varied backgrounds enriched the experience immensely and has led to a strong support network in the early years of therapy work.

Alison Bruce (Falkirk) (Hypnotherapist)

“Working with John & Rae was one of the best decisions of my life. I love being a hypnotherapist as it is a fantastic feeling when a client has come to me overwhelmed with their issues and after a few sessions are able to move forward with their lives. The leadership and encouragement that I received from both of these genuinely good people throughout my training and since I qualified can not be expressed in a few lines, but at all times their insights were amazing and heart warming.”

Mo Ferrington (Renfrewshire)

I remember the day I asked Rae at The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training if she thought I could be a Hypnotherapist ? The positive support and training I received started me on the most exciting career in my lifeplan, and I have never looked back . Wonderful to have Local training available in Scotland as most courses are down south , which is not only time consuming but extremely expensive , so I for one was delighted to find Hypnosis Scotland ………it worked for me”

Ian Waugh (Edinburgh)

The training I received from Hypnosis Scotland was outstanding.
John and Rae had very different styles and the more options you have as a therapist the better.
The training went beyond my expectations both personally and now professionally. Not only has the knowledge served me well, it also helped me gain the confidence needed to start a hypnotherapy practice from scratch.
It was a great experience, which I appreciated immensely.
The other therapists on the course were lovely and highly supportive, even to this day…

The Herald Article about Hypno-band

– Helen McArdle, News Reporter / Saturday 31 December 2011 / News Rae Jenson, a clinical hypnotherapist who runs her own practice near Linlithgow, was the first practitioner in central Scotland to offer the Hypno-band when she qualified last year. There are now three more working in that region.
Ms Jenson, who charges £300 for four to six sessions, says demand for the virtual gastric band outstrips any other form of hypnotherapy at her clinic.
The course begins with clients discussing their eating habits before being placed under hypnosis to begin preparation for their “operation”.
“The first session is about preparing them for the idea that their stomach is going to get smaller,” said Ms Jenson. “You talk about the stomach going from the size of a rugby ball into the size of a tennis ball, which is around the size your stomach should be.
“But then you take it one stage further and describe the stomach becoming the size of a golf ball and when you think about the amount of food you could fit into a golf ball, it’s not very much.”
In the following weeks a patient will go on a virtual tour of the hospital, meeting their consultant and generally building up a sense of confidence and realism which is embedded into their subconscious and reinforced by the ‘operation’ itself.
“You use a backing track which sounds like the operating theatre with all the monitors, and play that at the appropriate time,” said Ms Jenson. “What you’re doing is really describing the whole operation from start to finish.”
How and whether the technique actually works is up for debate – there are plenty of anecdotal success stories but no independent clinical trials.
Though parallels have been drawn with the placebo effect, a patient undergoing hypnosis is still conscious afterwards that they haven’t actually undergone a gastric band operation.
As with all hypnosis the technique relies on the power of suggestion, with the goal that a patient’s subconscious belief in the band slashes their appetite – and their waistline.
Ms Jenson said: “There are no restrictions and people respond well to that rather than being on a diet. They have the freedom to eat what they want – they just eat a lot less of it.”
Full article at: The Herald Scotland