Training reviews and success stories

Below are some comments made by just a few of our past trainees:

Marion Robb (Edinburgh)

“I trained with the Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training in 2009/2010 and found the grounding in solid technique and ethical practice to be invaluable. John and Rae are talented and empathetic therapists themselves and I found the support and encouragement both during and after my courses in Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP to be excellent, and congratulate John and Rae on the community of professional hypnotherapists they have trained and mentored.”

Dr Fiona Alcorn (Helensburgh)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for the HPD with Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training. John and Rae are busy, experienced therapists who actually walk the walk‚ as well as talk the talk and their skill in hypnotherapy was evident in their teaching.

An element of training I hadn’t taken into consideration was the other students.A class comprising of people from wide and varied backgrounds enriched the experience immensely and has led to a strong support network in the early years of therapy work.

Mo Ferrington (Renfrewshire)

“I remember the day I asked Rae at The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training if she thought I could be a Hypnotherapist ? The positive support and training I received started me on the most exciting career in my lifeplan, and I have never looked back. Wonderful to have Local training available in Scotland as most courses are down south, which is not only time consuming but extremely expensive , so I for one was delighted to find Hypnosis Scotland ………it worked for me”

Alison Bruce (Falkirk)

“Working with John & Rae was one of the best decisions of my life. I love being a hypnotherapist as it is a fantastic feeling when a client has come to me overwhelmed with their issues and after a few sessions are able to move forward with their lives. The leadership and encouragement that I received from both of these genuinely good people throughout my training and since I qualified can not be expressed in a few lines, but at all times their insights were amazing and heart warming.”

Ian Waugh (Edinburgh)

The training I received from Hypnosis Scotland was outstanding.

John and Rae had very different styles and the more options you have as a therapist the better.

The training went beyond my expectations both personally and now professionally. Not only has the knowledge served me well, it also helped me gain the confidence needed to start a hypnotherapy practice from scratch.

It was a great experience, which I appreciated immensely.

The other therapists on the course were lovely and highly supportive, even to this day…

Lizzie McGeechan (Edinburgh) Class of 2015

Hi Rae and John

I just wanted to put in writing my sincere thanks for all the help and support you have both provided during my hypnotherapy training journey

I approached Hypnosis Scotland on recommendation of a work colleague. She had undertaken the course with yourselves a couple of years ago and informed me how helpful and supportive you were. As I had not studied for a while and I am a mature student, I was anxious that the studying and learning involved maybe too much to undertake but my fears were completely unfounded. The teaching style adopted by yourselves is open, honest and with like minded people who all had the same goal in mind which is to help others. The result of this is I have gained a valuable life experience that hopefully I will turn into a successful business. If that does not happen then, I have had a amazing journey, and met some very interesting people which I now feel privileged to know.

I would recommend this course with Hypnosis Scotland to anyone. It is delivered by knowledgeable and supportive trainers who understand each individual student and their needs. They are knowledgeable on their subject and pass that knowledge onto their students with ease and professionalism. So if like me you need a challenge, a change of direction or simply want to find out more about yourself and what your capable of, then give it a go.It certainly worked for me.

Wishing you both every success in the future

Kind regards