Hypnotherapy combines the use of Counselling/Psychotherapeutic techniques with Hypnosis. It is an intervention which is thought to adjust neural pathways in the brain which affects thinking patterns, leading to change in feelings, reactions and behaviours. ┬áPeople often request sessions in Hypnotherapy when they can’t change a troublesome behaviour such as a bad habit or a fear. However, Hypnotherapy can be used to help people improve in many different ways, such as performance enhancement, interview techniques, improving confidence, decision making, assertiveness and many other common issues.

Hypnotherapy can often help people to feel more in control of their life and more relaxed both physically and mentally. Therefore it can be very effective in helping people who are stressed, anxious and depressed.

Hypnotherapy is safe and enjoyable when practiced by a suitably qualified practitioner. You should feel safe with your therapist and if you don’t then find someone else who can give you that reasurrance.

Hypnotherapists are often highly qualified individuals who have already worked in other careers. We are teachers, police officers, nurses, Doctors and we have a passion for helping people.

At Hypnotherapy Scotland, we believe that every one of our clients should be taught how to hypnotise themselves. We teach our clients how to do this so that they can continue to benefit from our sessions for the rest of their lives by empowering them to know how to fix themselves without being dependant on their therapist.

As well as teaching self hypnosis in our sessions, we also give each client access to recordings which they can download and listen to when it suits them, in the comfort of their own home.

When you come to see us, you will be treated with kindness and respect. We take ethics and standards of practice seriously and abide by the Professional Standards of the CNHC and NCH.