Coronavirus Anxiety

At this time, all of us are living through one of the most challenging experience of our lives. You might be feeling a wide range of emotions. You might be very scared, sad, confused and can’t get your head around the things that are happening. This is actually a normal response because no-one has lived through this before. It’s a new set of circumstances for our brain to learn about.

The ongoing threat of a very unpredictable virus can make our mind and body react by firing up our defence system. This is known as the “stress response” or more commonly “fight or flight”. When we are worried for a long time, this causes both physical and mental exhaustion. So if you are finding life very difficult right now and need some help, please contact us.

It is possible for Human Beings to get used to almost anything. We live through volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, tsunami’s and of course plagues but if you are finding things are getting on top of you, we can listen to your concerns and teach you techniques that can help to keep you more calm.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. Many people need support right now. Give us a call or drop us an email.