Is your child under the age of 8 years old?

Then we can teach you how to help them by using a slightly different hypnotic technique.This is a safe therapeutic hypnotic technique which has been developed for working with children who are too young for Traditional Hypnotherapy.

Our Paediatric Consultant, therapist John Lawrence, will work with you and teach you how to use the techniques with your child. Your child doesn’t need to attend the session with the therapist.This way you can help them build confidence whilst also addressing specific problems they may have, in the comfort and familiarity of the child’s usual environment.

This therapy aims to develop a child’s emotional resilience, through using what is a natural state of consciousness. It is suitable for children of all ages and abilities.

Areas this technique can assist with:

Confidence Issues
Aggression & Behaviour Management
Stress, fear, Anxiety, Trauma
Education, Study, Concentration
Health issues such as Asthma
Habits such as Bed-wetting, Nail biting, Speech
Nightmares or Terrors
Sibling rivalry
Achieving goals
Autism Spectrum, AD(H)D
Skin or Eating Disorders